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Learning Services

Utilizing an approach that values the whole student, Giddens is committed to supporting individuals on their unique path to intellectual growth and academic success. This happens each day in the classroom setting through differentiated activities, small group lesson structures, and ongoing reflection. Classroom teachers work closely with our learning services team to design daily instruction guided by assessments of student learning. Our instructional approach attends to a wide range of abilities and learning styles and emphasizes integration of content and collaboration with peers.

At times, a student's learning profile indicates that additional attention is warranted to meet their needs. This is approached collaboratively, with each student supported by a team consisting of their classroom teacher, family members, our learning services team, and outside professionals, if appropriate. This team may determine a need for additional support or extension opportunities. These can take place within the classroom, in small pull out groups, or in short individual sessions. Frequent and detailed communication takes place to assure that ongoing adjustments are responsive to each student's rate of progress.

The Giddens School learning environment emphasizes kind-heartedness and understanding within the community. In this environment, students are free to focus on their learning and progress. Giddens faculty members partner with families to ensure that students are cared for and supported across all aspects of their development.

Our Learning Services Team

Katie Billings

Katie Billings

Math Specialist

Colleen Brady

Literacy Specialist

Lynsey Burge

School Counselor