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Approach to Technology

Giddens believes that students can and will access problem-solving skills across all curricular subjects. The fostering of innovative, creative thinking and resilience skills is paramount to educating the whole child. Teachers guide student inquiry through powerful lessons and effective units that are project-based, experiential, and integrated with social justice and equity. All subject areas also combine with technology, as it is ubiquitous as a learning tool in education.

Technology is incorporated into the curriculum from grades Kindergarten through Grade 5. Digital citizenship units help students develop an awareness of their presence online and guide positive decision making for themselves and others. Giddens’s beliefs serve to guide behavior when using technology and to interact with others online. Students build an understanding of the Internet as a public place, being mindful of their privacy and use and that of others.

Students gain experience with technology in incremental stages and are exposed similarly. Learning how to use iPads and laptop computers efficiently is developmental, and those incremental steps are understood to be the basis of our technology program. Students learn how to facilitate their best use of writing, editing, and presenting software to organize and complete projects associated with various academic subjects. Students learn to code (write instructions for computers to understand), which develops critical and computational thinking skills. Students are asked to problem solve using a wide range of applications across multiple technology platforms (laptops, tablets, etc.…).

Our program cultivates the ethical use of technology both at school and online. The ultimate goal is to understand both the possibilities and restrictions of technology and that students leave Giddens prepared for the changes that technology brings to society at large and in their use over time. Using technology to learn, communicate, and create has become customary for Giddens students. The school provides technological resources that support ongoing learning and creativity both in the classroom and beyond.