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The Giddens School prekindergarten program helps four-year-old's develop the skills of our 3 pillars (academic excellence and learning, social and emotional development, social justice and equity) in ways that are developmentally appropriate. Our program provides a rich foundation for future schooling, while emphasizing the importance of learning through play. Children of this age often begin to see themselves as learners, coming to school full of purpose and intention. Teachers work to respond to each child, observing and inquiring to adapt a program that will be responsive to the child’s innate curiosity while assuring they have the foundational skills to support their success in kindergarten. This includes social and emotional learning, as well as academic growth. In prekindergarten, learning opportunities are provided in community contexts, including small group instruction. This helps children learn from one another and apply their knowledge to a variety of scenarios.

Prekindergarten Curriculum