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Move Volunteer Opportunities

There are so many ways to help out prior to and during our campus move! We can't wait to BUILD community as we transition to our new home. We're thrilled to work with family volunteers and members of our greater community! Please feel free to pass this page on to family members, high school students looking for volunteer hours, or handy friends!

Marking the Occasion (ongoing)

As we prepare to move, we'd love some help both saying goodbye to our current building and sharing our wishes for our new home. We've got ideas (but welcome yours as well) and hope that you can help us manage these ambitious ideas!

Memory Keeper Volunteers

Cubby Building - November 23rd

We are looking for volunteers to help build cubbies for every classroom in on our new campus. Join other Giddens School volunteers for a fun day of carpentry and construction. One of our maintenance staff, Jeff will be on staff to guide and instruct but some experience using tools will be helpful. Some carpentry skills preferred (able to use a cordless drill, comfortable with assembling wood structures) All volunteers must be 18+.

Sign up to build CUBBIES!

Faculty Staff Lunch/Snacks During Moving - November 25th and December 2nd.

Let's give our teachers and volunteers a boost during the move and provide a meal. Food can be dropped off anytime in the morning, ideally, by 11:00 am. We will NOT be able to return any serving dishes/cutting boards, so please bring in a disposable or compostable container.

If you will not be in town, but still want to help out ... consider donating cash for takeout.

Most of our staff eat all food, but some have specialized diets for gluten and some are vegetarian. If you choose to bring something homemade, please label it so that those who need to be are aware.

Sign Up to Bring Food

Classroom Packing and Unpacking

Each teacher and specialist will be packing and unpacking their spaces. Each one of these people have different needs and would love your help. Teachers will add their sign ups in coming weeks. Feel free to help your classroom teacher, a specialist, or sign up to manage another space in the school:



Steve's Classroom

Hiromi and Taryn's Classroom

Samara and Kelli's Classroom

Portia's Classroom

Brandon's Classroom

Colin's Classroom

Siri's Classroom

Sarah's Classroom

Volunteers scooping ice cream at a GPA Social
I've loved the opportunities to volunteer at Giddens. Not only have I seen the teaching and learning in my child's classroom first hand, I've also had the opportunity to learn new skills and give back to Giddens. Most of all, it's been FUN!