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Since 1972, Giddens has thrived because of our exceptional and caring parent community. People like you have carried on the tradition and role modeled for our children the importance of volunteerism and community engagement.

  • Successful events at Giddens rely on the active involvement of our families to make them happen.
  • Families of the school share a common dedication; ensuring that all students receive a superb education in a supportive and engaging environment.
  • We ask each family to provide 25 hours of volunteer service per year. Many will give beyond that, further strengthening the school/family partnership. Volunteering is a great way to get to know other families and share information and ideas, while at the same time setting a good philanthropic example for our children.

Giddens School is known for its sense of community. Our parents, grandparents, students and alumni show their love of our school in many ways, both in and out of the classroom.

Spend some time at our school - in the classrooms, browsing the library, playing on the playground or attending a special event - and here’s why: active learners benefit from a fully committed, supportive community, and that is the basis of the Giddens way… a partnership between you and the school.

To view current volunteer opportunities please visit myGiddens. For questions or more information, please contact Amy Bresslour.

Giddens School Guide to Giving & Getting Involved

Submit your volunteer hours:

Volunteers scooping ice cream at a GPA Social
I've loved the opportunities to volunteer at Giddens. Not only have I seen the teaching and learning in my child's classroom first hand, I've also had the opportunity to learn new skills and give back to Giddens. Most of all, it's been FUN!