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Speaker Series

Join us for conversations about parenting, equity and inclusion. We're excited to share research and a forum for conversation for our community. All are welcome!

Parenting Generation Z: Media, Behavioral Challenges, and Stress Management

September 20, 2018 at 6:00 pm

In partnership with The Valley School, Giddens is pleased to welcome Laura Kastner Ph.D. Today’s parents face unique challenges. Screen invasion has radically changed family lives. While technology has produced large advantages and benefits for society, the average parent and tween are looking at a screen up to 9 hours a day outside their “work” functions, and younger kids aren’t far behind. Downsides include divided attention, sleep problems, and endless family fights about social media. Although parents worry that children can start to value screens more than “real” relationships, school, and healthy pursuits, this lecture will discuss strategies which can be instituted to harness the best of technology and curb risks.

With so little family time, parents fret about disciplinary issues and often cave to child demands or engage in power struggles, instead of figuring out wise family policies and sticking with them. While striving for more independence is natural, it can be difficult to maintain positive parenting approaches when kids are rude, disobedient and uncooperative.

Another concern for families is the level of stress for kids today and its role in increasing mental health problems like depression, anxiety and substance use risks during adolescence. However, some stress is good! Challenges energize, focus and motivate us. Stress is a normal part of being human. But when demands exceed our ability to meet challenges, we stress out and can’t perform—or maintain our health. How can you keep the good part of high expectations but prevent stressing your kids out with too many?

We can’t turn back the clock and make our current accelerated culture less stress-inducing, but we can develop skills as parents to reduce stress on our children. This lecture will address ways that parents can reduce their children’s stress level, enhance resilience, and build academic, social and emotional competence. With an emphasis on nurturing a strong parent-child bond, parenting recommendations will be based on evidence based research.

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How to Talk to Your Child About Consent

November 28, 2018 at 6:00 pm

Staff from KCSARC will join us to share strategies to engage children in conversation about consent. They will also share things that you can do when your children are early childhood and elementary age to help them learn about consent, trusting their gut, and how to say no.


Playing Math: A Path to Discovering Deep Content Learning

March 13, 2019 at 6:00 pm

Nationally recognized mathematics educator, Elham Kazemi Ph.D. will join us to share leading research about math instruction.

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