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Affinity Groups

Welcome (back) to Giddens School! We hope your summer was filled with family adventures and relaxing in the sun. As your child gets into the swing of things at Giddens, we invite you to consider ways in which you can actively connect to the Giddens community. Throughout the school year, you will hear of several ways to connect and make the Giddens community, yours. We warmly invite you to come and join an affinity group!

The Giddens School Board of Trustees adopted a comprehensive Strategic Plan in 2018. One of the four priorities is Strong Community Connections:

  • Create an environment where everyone can feel safe, welcome, respected, and excited to take part in the school.
  • Ensure that consistent, timely, and accurate communication is occurring between families and the school - faculty, staff, and school leadership.
  • Provide opportunities for families to engage with the school in ways that are meaningful and support the school's goals.

Our goal is that affinity groups are an opportunity for families in our community to connect around shared identities or interests and to develop a stronger sense of connection and belonging. More specifically, affinity groups offer an exploration of one's own identity, the celebration of shared identity, and debriefing of the common challenges and experiences that members of that community face. Businesses, colleges, universities, high schools, middle schools and elementary schools across the country who have made a commitment to diversity, and in particular, to building strong communities, offer affinity groups in an effort to help develop a sense of belonging in the school community.

To continue our efforts to support the meaningful engagement of our adult community, we are re-launching the affinity group initiative this Fall. Currently, the

  • African Diaspora Affinity Group that formed in 2018 is still going strong. If you are interested in joining this group you can reach out to AJ Brooks
  • There is also an emerging Grandparent Affinity Group. If you or a member of your family would like to join, please contact Diane Davis.
  • If you have an idea or interest in starting or belonging to a new Affinity Group, please reach out to either Morva or Sauda.