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The Lunch Program

We partner with Too Tasty Lunches to make the school-day little easier for you. Too Tasty Lunches offers a variety of meals and snacks made from locally sourced, organic ingredients designed to please even the pickiest of eaters. Contact Too Tasty Lunches with any questions.

To order your child's lunch (at least two days in advance) you'll:

Payment Information

The program accepts payment by Debit Card or Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard & Discover.

Minimum Order Fee

A minimum $10.00 order is required for new or changed orders - otherwise $1.00 handling fee is charged.

Ordering Schedule

all orders must be placed 2 days prior to the lunch date

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Hover over Entrée Item for a full description of the lunch

Canceled Lunch Policy

Please send an email least one evening prior to the date you are cancelling (preferably 24 hours prior). Your account will be credited to your account to be applied to a future lunch purchase. Please refer to the Program Information Page in your account for further policy and account information.