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Meet Our Community

Giddens School is excited to host a series of opportunities to meet members of our school community and learn more about our programs, and ask questions.

All of these events will be recorded and shared here for future viewing.

Thursday, January , 2023 @

Learn about our SPARK program. Meet SPARK teacher Sarah Berkley, and our elementary classroom teachers.

SPARK is an inquiry based program that place science and social studies content knowledge side by side with social justice topics. Students are encouraged to develop questions, theories, and strategies as they engage in interactive learning experiences. Students use art as a means for expressing understanding of content, and SPARK projects provide a framework for integrated learning, encompassing multiple subject areas and encouraging students to make connections in order to apply their knowledge.

Tuesday, January, 2023 @

Learn about our Extended day, Enrichment, and Summer Programs. Meet Diane Wright, our Programs Manager, and extended day teachers Chula Taylor, Sam Marr, and Chris Criqui.

Giddens offers exceptional before and after school programs for currently enrolled students at no additional cost. Our EXTENDED DAY PROGRAM is designed to connect with the school's curriculum and mission, supporting project-based learning while offering a variety of highly engaging activities…..Enrichment classes are offered to provide children with a variety of fun and engaging learning opportunities that they may not have access to during their regular school day…… We offer eight weeks of exceptional camp programming to any student entering grades preschool – fifth. Giddens Summer BLAST Camp is open to all children. We always look forward to welcoming new friends to a fabulous summer of fun.

Tuesday, January, 2023 @

Learn about our ECE PROGRAM. Meet preschool teachers Steve Taylor and Tracy Edmonds, and prekindergarten teachers Samara West and Char Smith.

The Giddens School preschool program is rooted in play, emphasizing a child’s innate curiosity. On a daily basis, children are provided with opportunities to explore, observe, question, and construct knowledge from the world around them….our prekindergarten program provides a rich foundation for future schooling, while emphasizing the importance of learning through play. Children of this age often begin to see themselves as learners, coming to school full of purpose and intention.

Tuesday, January, 2023 @

Hear from Giddens Families.

Our school community is strong in part because of our amazing families who support the work and mission of the school every day. Family involvement at Giddens is as diverse as our community. From participating in our Giddens Community Association (GCA), to volunteering in the classroom or supporting school events and endeavors, to serving on a school-wide committee or our school board, Giddens encourages and appreciates the generosity and talents of our families.

Thursday, January , 2023 @

Learn about our Kindergarten Program. Meet Kindergarten teachers Portia Local, Hiromi Yasukawa, and Nichole Stratton, and resident teacher Rae Page.

In Kindergarten, students develop their roles as contributing members of a learning community. There is focus on developing their sense of self, identity as a learner, and their role in belonging to a larger group. As they engage in academic pursuits, developing social emotional skills such as learning to name and regulate their emotions, advocate for their needs, and understand perspectives different from their own allows the students to apply and share new knowledge effectively.

Thursday, January, 2023 @

Learn about our LEARNING SERVICES. Meet literacy specialist Sharon Meacham, math specialist Katie Billings, school counselor Annie Philips, and Educational Technology Specialist Cory Cummings.

Utilizing an approach that values the whole student, Giddens is committed to supporting individuals on their unique path to intellectual growth and academic success. This happens each day in the classroom setting through differentiated activities, small group lesson structures, and ongoing reflection. Classroom teachers work closely with our learning services team to design daily instruction guided by assessments of student learning.

Thursday, January, 2023 @

Hear from our Head of School, and our Assistant Heads of Instruction, .

They will discuss what an academically deep education infused with justice and care look like and what it means for each and every child who attends Giddens.

They will talk about teacher support, professional development, and what high quality teaching and learning looks, sounds, and feels like at Giddens.

Friday, January, 2023 @

Learn about our Specialist Programs. Meet Spanish teacher Karina Flores, Music & Performance teacher Ori O’Neill, Physical Education teacher Brice Dixon, and Librarian Natalie Nollan.

Our specialist programs are designed to provide all students (preschool-fifth grade) ongoing opportunities to explore and engage high quality specialty content areas. In Spanish class, students practice speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish and learn about Spanish cultures through traditional games, songs, and movement activities. In Music & Performance, students practice playing a variety of musical instruments, and they use their bodies, voices, and imaginations to explore the world of music. With a focus on teamwork, communication, and strategy, students practice locomotor skills through game scenarios and sports in our PE program. In Library class, students learn the function of the library, develop their interests and identities as readers, and participate in Read Alouds.