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Hear from People Who Know

I love math at Giddens School because we get to learn new equations and story problems - 4th Grader
I like that the people here are very thoughtful and the diversity here is AMAZING!! - 5th Grader
What I love about Giddens is the small class sizes (ranging from 15-18 people) (on average) and the love for equality - 4th Grader
Teachers are always here for you - 2nd grader

What I love about Giddens is there are so many nice and kind individuals - 3rd Grader

If you make a mistake, no one will be mad - 5th Grader
I love writing because it is like sharing out loud, but even better. It's sharing on a piece of paper, that's what I like - 2nd Grader
I love the math calendar because it is exciting to find out what the pattern is - 1st Grader