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Financial Aid


We want you to be able provide your child with an outstanding early and elementary experience, and so we are committed to Giddens School being an affordable option at your income level.

Applying for Aid

A good rule of thumb is: if in doubt, apply.

  1. What grade are you applying for? We offer financial aid to qualifying families applying to all grades, preschool through 5th.
  2. Start your application online directly through SSS (School and Student Services for Financial Aid).
  3. Your completed application will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee to determine the aid award. (Financial Aid at Giddens School is awarded based on a family’s demonstrated financial need as well as the school’s capacity to provide support.)
  4. Financial Aid award decisions will be made, and we will notify you of your award and admission status.


Financial Aid decisions are made independent from admissions decisions.
  • Our admissions committee does not consider financial aid in its decision-making process.
  • Our financial aid committee does not consider the admissibility of applicants in its decision-making process.


You can expect your application to fall into one of the following decision categories:
  • an offer of financial aid at the level your application qualifies you for.
  • a notice of disqualification because your income and assets exceed the threshold to qualify. (Your capacity to pay cannot exceed the total amount of tuition.)
  • a notice that you qualify for aid but will be placed in our wait pool. (Giddens School does not always have the capacity to offer aid to every applicant who qualifies.)

Once you've received a decision from us, we leave it up to you to make a decision that is right for your family.

Included with Award

In addition to the cost of tuition, your financial aid award will cover at the same rate costs for Day Camps and Summer BLAST Camp. For example, if you receive an 80% reduction in your tuition investment, you will also receive that same percentage off for any of the aforementioned programs. Additionally, Giddens offers full and partial scholarships for all after-school enrichment programs.

Our exceptional extended day program is now included in the cost of tuition!

Questions? Reach to Ken Bender, Director of Enrollment Management, 206.712.6744.