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Roadmap 2022: Giddens School Strategic Plan

Giddens Roadmap 2022 is the culmination of over a year of work by trustees, faculty, parents, administrators at Giddens School. As you learn more about the four strategic initiatives of the new plan—Inspired Teaching and Learning, Clear and Compelling Identity, Strong Community Connections, and Financial Strength—we hope you will join the Board of Trustees and the Leadership Team as we propel into this exciting new future for Giddens School:

Inspired Teaching and Learning

  • Value and invest in the potential of teachers.
  • Trust in and empower teachers to personalize their experiences and responsibilities.
  • Work to realize an integrated approach to learning at every level of the program.

Clear and Compelling Identity

  • Simplify Giddens' brand identity and bring it to life through clear and compelling visuals.
  • Ensure that the simplified brand messaging is consistent across all printed and electronic mediums and consistently shared with external stakeholders by our community.
  • Increase applications and enrollment through effective outreach efforts and refining strategic admissions practices to reach more families.

Strong Community Connections

  • Create an environment where everyone can feel safe, welcome, respected, and excited to take part in the school.
  • Ensure that consistent, timely, and accurate communication is occurring between families and the school - faculty, staff, and school leadership.
  • Provide opportunities for families to engage with the school in ways that are meaningful and support the school's goals.

Financial Strength

  • Budget for annual operations and future capital needs.
  • Reach and maintain optimal enrollment
  • Reaffirm our commitment to sustainable financial aid policies that make Giddens accessible to a diverse student body.
  • Cultivate and continue to grow Giddens' donor base and culture of philanthropy.