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As a student and family, you’ll quickly discover that the School's traditions bring the community closer together and create some of your most memorable Giddens moments.

Uniquely Giddens

Morning Sing

All-School Sing led by Kent Stevenson began on Wednesday mornings in the mid-1990's. Now a well-established community tradition, the whole school community gathers every other Wednesday morning to unite in song.


Older and younger students are annually paired together as buddies or triads for ongoing joint activities and fun. Children enjoy the mentoring; both as a younger and older student and the program creates additional friendship connections and empathy across grades.

Garden and Living Science Lab

In the school garden, children have a hands-on science lab. Children grow vegetables to learn about the life cycle of food, experience new tastes, and take pride in donating some of their produce to the local food bank.

Food Delivery

The second-fifth grade students support The Food Bank at St. Mary's and home-bound seniors at the Seattle Housing Authority's Gideon-Mathews Gardens apartments. Students travel with their class and pull wagons of food

about half a mile. The program gives students the opportunity to meet the people they are helping and solve the problem of food insecurity first-hand.

Kawabe Memorial House

Located just blocks from Giddens School, the second - fifth graders walk to Kawabe Memorial House on a rotating schedule to learn origami from first-generation Japanese immigrants. These senior volunteers help the students deepen their understanding of mathematics, develop empathy for immigrants, and forage friendship with active older adults.

Field Trips

Students and teachers engage in a wide range of field trips to deepen and enrich their learning experience. In past years, students have experienced theater, farms, museums, and athletic trips.

Overnight Experiences

The second - fifth graders have the opportunity to experience environmental education and overnight adventures while at camp. These fun bonding excursions often include beach combing, team building boating, hiking, and marine biology.

The second and third grade band typically attend camp in the spring.

Our fourth and fifth grade band participates in two camps, one in the fall and the other in the spring.

Giddens School Post Office (GSPS)

The second and third grade students manage a post office every year - they do everything from making and selling stamps and stationary along with collecting, sorting, and delivering the mail! This treasured tradition allows students to practice their sales skills and learn about the postal system.

The proceeds collected from the stamps and stationary are calculated. Students then write and present persuasive essays to rally support for their charity or cause of choice. Students vote on a cause and a lucky charity receives the proceeds of the GSPS unit.

Giddens Book Awards

All of the students at Giddens read the same six nominated picture books and each student votes on their favorite. Winners are selected after a rigorous voting period and the winner revealed at an all school assembly in the spring.